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07 Fingers Hand ( Indy )

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Conposed traxx
[07 fingers hand] loud'n speed.mp3
[07 fingers hand] melody for melody.mp3
[07 fingers hand] Untitled2.mp3
[07 fingers hand] Craziest Psycho Ride On a Cherry Girl.mp3
[07 finbgers hand] Groove That Soul With That Blues.mp3

_We're proud to got Seven Fingers Hand on that website!

_Seven Fingers Hand began to create some electropop music in 2001. He has played bass and guitar in a lot of popmusic band, like "Phlegm".

_His music is a mix of grunge, pop, 70ies rock, 80ies deuch and swiss eletro and rock of the english Factory. He love CAN, JOY DIVISION, DAF, Transformer die roboter, kraftwerk, The Pink Floid, the Velvet Underground...

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